Animal-themed hats. We have short hats and long hats. 

SHORT HATS: Our short hats are fun and comfortable. Provides warmth and fun.

LONG HATS: Our long hats are functional and can be used in multiple ways.

Both varieties come in a lot of different animal patterns such as Tiger, Horse, Big Wolf, Giraffe, Black Wolf, Husky Dog, Panda, Totoro, Leopard, Rabbit, Penguin, Strawberry, Pooh Bear, White Rabbit, Tiger, Racoon, Spotty Dog
to name a few.


  • It will keep your head and ears warm during the cold winter season
  • Long hats can act as a mitten or as a scarf
  • The perfect accessory for adults and kids. It is an ideal costume party piece that will surely make you stand out in a crowd
  • It is well-made, cozy and warm. 
  • It is an excellent gift for Christmas, birthdays, Holloween, or for any occasion.
  • Unisex
  • Fits both adults and children


  • Costumes
  • Story-telling companion
  • Party hat
  • Pretend play
  • Winter hat