Choosing the right tote bag--things you need to know!

Choosing the right tote bag--things you need to know!

Over the last few years, tote bags have been slowly growing into every woman’s life due to their versatility, functionality, and simplicity. One can do so much with tote bags, it can be personalized, it can be something very formal, but most importantly, it is something that allows a lady to carry all their accessories and things with ease.

So what is a tote bag? A bag that is suitable for carrying (or toting) large quantities of things. It usually has a large opening at the top. It can be of any size, and it often lacks closures other than handles on either side to hold the bag by. Its main purpose is to allow the owner to pack or carry everything in one bag, especially during those days where you rush but need to bring a lot of essentials. It can either be made of canvas or leather.

It is really a must for every lady to own at least one tote bag, be it a canvas tote bag or a more formal leather tote bag.

Here are a few things you need to know before you get your own

How long do tote bags last?

Although the lifespan of any bag would depend on how it is used, a good quality tote bag will last you years even with daily use. Just keep in mind that the heavier the load of the bag is, the shorter it’s lifespan might be.

How to Choose the Correct Tote Bag Size?

Totes are readily available in a variety of sizes. There are small ones, that some use to go grocery shopping or just running some errands. There are bigger ones, like the Tote bag from PULAMA, which you can bring as a vacation bag. It is always good to have one of each.

What are the most common Tote Bag Sizes?

Large: This is something around 22in Wide, 15in High, and 8in Deep. They are slightly oversized and is meant for people on the go. They are great overnight and day-trip bags.

Photo by Reynier Carl on Unsplash


Medium: This size is a bit more manageable, 16in Wide, 15in High and 5in Deep. They are perfect for casual day-outs and picnics. They are also great gifts.

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Small: A small tote bag is enough to fit your essentials like your wallet, lipstick, keys, and a few more small things. One can easily utilize this for an evening out with friends.

Photo by Matthew Miner on Unsplash

Depending on your lifestyle and needs, those are the things you need to know when getting a tote bag.